"Since it is beautiful, it is truly useful " Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince
  • Candlestick

    Candlestick (1)

    Artists like to make candlesticks. They can use different media, as glass, clay or metal. One thing in common between all candlesticks in our gallery is that they are unique and beautiful.
  • Clay

    Clay (12)

    Artisans On The Ave has variations of clay art. It can be pottery, sculptures, jewelry, wall art, tiles and many more.
  • Glass

    Glass (10)

    Our customers can find a variety of glass items produced by multiple artists. Every artist has unique style and favorite line of products.
  • Judaica

    Judaica (17)

    Local artists make a variety of Judaica art. The gallery displays mezuzahs, menorahs, traditional plates, various paintings and paper cut ornaments. We have Jewelry with Jewish themes, mostly silver necklaces and rings. Artists use different material such as glass, wood, paper, various metals including silver and gold.
  • Shell

    Shell (1)

    Is it possible for Florida gallery to avoid shell art?! Several of our artists create multiple pieces of art using local shells. We have shell lamp, shell jewelry, shell Judaica, shell sculptures and shell ornaments.
  • Stone

    Stone (1)

    Stone sculpture is one of classical form of art. The gallery has sculptures of miniature soapstone animal figurines, limestone flowers or relatively large garden art.
  • Wood

    Wood (7)

    Artisans On The Ave has multiple artists working with wood. This includes wood turning and crafting, pictures painted on wood, wooden clocks, mezuzahs and abstract items.
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